IDG Chicago Drivers Welcome New Lyft Women+ Connect Program

For years women drivers and riders have called for a rideshare option that pairs women drivers with women riders — and now in select cities, including Chicago, Lyft is piloting just such a program. This month Lyft launched Lyft Women+ Connect as an option in the app for women and nonbinary riders and drivers to request to be matched with each other.

IDG members in Chicago are thrilled that Lyft selected the city for the pilot program and are excited to see how the new program plays out. IDG driver organizer Teddi Burgess told CBS News that she will probably drive with Lyft more with this new program and that as a woman driver in the city of Chicago she feels safer when she sees her passenger is a woman. «Anytime I look at my app and I see that I’m picking up a female, you know, there’s a little bit of a sigh of relief that goes through my mind.» she said. IDG Chicago member Lisa Rice also liked the option, telling the Chicago Tribune, “Most female (passengers) are so happy when they have a female driver, because there’s not a lot of us.»